Useful Information Links For Inventors

We are accumulating and posting these links for the following reasons.

The Inventors’ Network is an association of inventors, product developers and service providers. This is a voluntary membership organization composed of individuals wishing to encourage the development of new ideas and to promote the spirit of innovation through the seeking and sharing of information.

We are accomplishing this goal by focusing the individual and collective experience and expertise of our members, and others, to assist inventors and innovators through the process of bringing their ideas to use, either through commercialization or noncommercial dedication to public betterment.

This is a growing resource of useful information for inventors. Check back often to review this list. If you would like to suggest useful websites to add to this this list, please submit your suggestion via our contact form. Submit your suggestions.

Useful Information For Inventors:

Invent Right Resource

Inventors Digest Magazine Resource

Minneapolis Public Library Patent and Trademark Information

Minneapolis Public Library Sign Up For Patent Workshop Basics Searching

Minnesota Inventors Congress

United States Patent and Trademark Office Home Page

United States Patent and Trademark Office Inventors Resource

United States Patent and Trademark Office Information Page

MIT Inventors Handbook Links

Small Business Administration Development Centers

World Intelectual Property Organization

Canadian Intellectual Property Office

International Federation of Inventors Associations

Purpose Concepts

Pain Relief